Labor and Social Security

Focused on globalization and professional mobility, the Labor and Social Security  department provides permanent, individualized, preventive, reactive and specialized legal advice, to both companies and individuals in the most varied aspects of this branch of Law, regardless of activity sector.

We are consulted for the analysis of labor relations and labor litigation, be it administrative or judicial, because its intervention is increasingly considered important.

In particular, providing advisory services for the formalization of contracts, from their preparation to the moment of their conclusion, adapting their content to the functioning and structure of each company and, whenever necessary, to the worker. In this sense, we constantly and permanently take into account working conditions, payment, working hours, functional and geographical mobility.

In this context, we provide legal advice and mediation of labor disputes, particularly in the event of a strike, termination of individual or collective employment contract, and also in negotiation and lay off.

This department sponsors companies and workers within the scope of Social Security, namely in the challenge of administrative offenses, as well as in the provision and advice of subsidies and bonus for hiring.

Aware of the importance of complying with obligations and regularizing companies and their workers, we provide follow-up both in inspecting actions by the Working Conditions Authority, in situations of Accidents at Work, and in administrative and social security litigation.

In fact, our department is aware that, many times, the effort of the company and workers is insufficient to fill and fight the different business dynamics, such as the risks and contingencies of the markets, acts preventively and proactively, through strategic plans that can culminate in mergers, restructurings, assignments of contractual positions, subcontracting, outsourcing or even insolvency claims.

Our department also operates in the area of ​​Public Employment Law, although over the past few years there have been changes in order to bring this branch closer to the branch of Labor Law in General. However, differences remain that imply specialization, through the academic field, and deep knowledge, due to the interest in this area, that we are possessors in the application of its regime, through the sponsorship of clients, as well as in the resolution of extra-judicial disputes arising from that, either from that eventually arise through the judicial system.