Registration and Notaries

In the powers that have been conferred on Lawyers, our office is qualified to perform Notarial Acts with the same value and probative force as similar acts practiced by any Notary.

In this context, we are empowered to recognize signatures, whether simple or with special mentions, whether by request or with powers for a specific act, to authenticate documents and powers of attorney. It is also common practice to certify documents, photocopies and translations.

Still within the scope of these powers, we dedicate ourselves, in particular, to the Land Registry, namely from the preparation / follow-up to the formalization of contracts related to the transfer and encumbrance of goods, through an Authenticated Private Document, with constitution of a mortgage (definitive or provisional) and / or usufruct, as well as the cancellation of your registration.

We are also qualified to carry out Automobile Registries, such as the purchase and sale, with or without reservation of ownership, and Commercial Registries, namely creation of companies, alteration of the governing bodies and statutes, transformation, merger, split or dissolution of any type of company .

Aware of the responsibility and relevance that the practice of these acts implies for our clients and for the community in general, our office has recognized pride, dedication and rigor in its realization.